Future City Competition North Texas Region 2017

Judging, Mentoring & Volunteer Opportunities

The Future City Competition, a NSPE 4-part multi-disciplinary competition which asks students to design a future city by employing critical thinking, teamwork, research and problem-solving skills has begun across the North Texas Region. The 12-14 yr. olds design a city using SimCity software, a table-top scale city model built with recycled materials; write a research essay & abstract  and will provide a 7-minute Team verbal Presentation defending their vision before a panel of judges in January. 

This year’s theme: The Power of Public Spaces. We once again have more than 50 schools working hard on their city concepts and the solution to renovating underused areas of their cities into vibrant public spaces serving the diverse needs of their citizenry. So, please take a minute now and sign up … then pass this message along to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to join us.

We are looking for judges for:

-   Virtual City – judging online, on your own schedule, at your computer. December-January.

-   City Essay – judging online, on your own schedule, at your computer. December-January.

-   Model & Presentation – judging on-site at UT Arlington, interacting with the student teams. 28 January 2017.

-   Special Awards – judging on-site at UT Arlington, interacting with team. Judging for specific, sponsored category awards. 28 January 2017.

And all kinds of volunteers for the day-of … 28 January at UT Arlington.

Future City Junior also needs judges – NTX pioneered the Junior competition to introduce 4-5th graders to engineering. The juniors are submitting two deliverables that require scoring: essay and model. The models will be judged at UT Arlington, in the afternoon, following the preliminary round for the middle school competition (on 28 January). So, if you are going to be judging the models and presentations in the morning, and can stay for the afternoon, please sign up.

More info: http://www.dfwfuturecity.org/part_vols.html or contact me (below) or Richard Reppert, Judging Coordinator, judging@dfwfuturecity.org.

Or sign up directly at (each competition has its own sign-up):

https://www.dfwfuturecity.org/NorthTX/Judge – Future City (middle school) Competition

https://www.dfwfuturecity.org/NorthTXJunior/Judge – Future City Junior (elementary school)

Jean Eason
NTX Regional Coordinator
Future City Competition
www.dfwfuturecity.org, regional@dfwfuturecity.org