History of the Fort Worth Chapter

by John P. Wier, P.E.

Establishment of the West Texas Chapter

The Texas Society of Professional Engineers, T.S.P.E., was founded in 1936, about two years after the National Society of Professional Engineers, N.S.P.E., was founded in New York.  At first, the whole state was divided between two Chapters, one meeting in San Antonio and one in Austin.  In 1937, in the wake of the New London School disaster in East Texas,  the Legislature passed the Texas Engineering Registration Act into law, and Texas engineers began to be registered under the Act.  By the early 1940s, two additional Chapters of T.S.P.E. were formed, one in Beaumont and one in Houston. But, Fort Worth and our neighbor cities and counties had no Chapter meeting closer than Austin at that time.

In the Spring of 1944, during the height of the great World War II effort, a group of professional engineers residing in Tarrant County and adjacent counties were called to meet in Fort Worth to discuss the formation of a T.S.P.E. Chapter.  The opinion of those engineers unanimously favored the organization of a new chapter here. 

A committee to draft the Chapter Constitution and By-Laws was formed, with the late Joe J. Rady,  P. E.,  chosen as Chairman.  The new chapter was called the "West Texas Chapter."  Its territory included all that area in Texas, lying West of the Katy Railroad and North of the Santa Fe Railroad. The late Will A. Bounds,  P. E.,  was elected the first President of the Chapter, serving for the term of 1945, and the Chapter was fairly launched. Organizing Chairman Joe Rady was elected President for the following term of 1946.

Development of the Fort Worth Chapter

Years later, as Chapter membership was growing to more than five hundred here and other chapters were being formed in parts of this territory farther West, our "West Texas Chapter" changed its name to "Fort Worth Chapter."  For example, the Mid-Cities Chapter, comprising several cities in Eastern Tarrant County and Western Dallas County, was formed largely from territory of our Chapter more than 20 years ago, and the Denton Chapter was carved out of Fort Worth Chapter about 1992. The Fort Worth Chapter now serves engineers in nine (9) counties of West Texas and North Central Texas, including Wise, Jack, Palo Pinto, Parker, Erath, Somervell, Hood, and Johnson Counties in addition to most of Tarrant County.

Service to the Public and to the Profession

Among the outstanding engineers named in the historical lists which follow these paragraphs, you will find nearly every kind of engineer.  The disciplines represented include the Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Environmental, Industrial, Structural, Agricultural, Architectural, and others as well as many Civil Engineers.  The Fort Worth Chapter has welcomed into its leadership engineers employed in Industry as well as in Government, those employed in Education as well as entrepreneurial and employed engineers in Private Practice, of both genders and a variety of ethnicities.  Active in support of education and professional improvement, the leaders of the Chapter have organized and presented many educational seminars and workshops through the years, offering the engineering community effective opportunities to maintain and extend their technical and professional knowledge, placing emphasis on professional competence and ethics.

Leaders of the Fort Worth Chapter have played prominent roles in the affairs of both the Texas Society and the National Society of Professional Engineers through the decades. They have been in the forefront of those far-seeing engineers who have worked to maintain and strengthen the Texas Engineering Practice Act and other legislation affecting the public welfare as well as the profession and the practice of Engineering, through advocacy in the public interest of sound policies and improved regulations and statutes, in the Texas Legislature, in the U. S. Congress, and when called upon, in other States.

In recent years, both Robert L. Nichols,  P. E.,  and the late Joe Paul Jones, P. E.,  of our Chapter have played prominent roles in the profession and through wisdom, hard work, and brilliant service, have been called successively to the Presidencies of the Fort Worth Chapter, the Texas Society, and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Fort Worth Chapter Award Recipients

young engineers of the year

2019     Jacob T. Hays, P.E.

2018     Holly S. Ahumada, P.E.

2017     Scott Scherer, P.E.

2016     Garrett Johnson, P.E.

2015     Caleb Milligan, P.E.

2014     Jonathan D. Russell, P.E.

2013     Benjamin Pylant, P.E.

2012     Kervin M. Campbell, P.E.

2011     Josh Logan, P.E.

2010     David A. Burkett, P.E.

2009     James P. Sappington, P.E.

2008     Travis N. Attanasio, P.E.

2007     Amy Irwin Ellis, E.I.T.

2006     Daniel G. Stoutenburg, Jr., E.I.T.

2005     Kristina Douglas, E.I.T.

2004     Mark N. Assaad, P.E.

2003     Kerry E. Risser, P.E.

2002     Mauricio Zuazua-Elizondo, E.I.T.

2000     Jim Painter, P.E.

1999     Angela K. Pereira, P.E.

1998     Lana P. Logan, E.I.T.

1997     Maria Martinez, P.E.

1996     Candace Reed Watkins, P.E.

1995     James P. (Jim) Amick, P.E.

1994     James A. (Jim) Greer, P.E.

1993     Alan D. Greer, P.E.

1992     Mark A. Crowson, P.E.

1991     Don Allen, P.E.

1990     Patti G. Richards, P.E.

1989     Robert H. (Bob) Price, P.E.

1988     Kemp A. Akeman, P.E.

1987     Raul Pena III, P.E.

1986     Rudy M. Garcia, P.E.

1985     Roxanne L. Pillar, P.E.

1984     John P. Wier, P.E.

1983     John W. (Bill) Baird, Jr., P.E.

1982     Michael M. (Mike) Shiflett, P.E.

1981     John E. Levitt, P. E.

1980     Victor A. Weir, II, P. E.

1979     John H. Nall, Jr., P.E.

1978     Roger Yandell, P.E.

1976     Gary J. Teague, P.E.

1975     Steve O'Kelly, P.E.

1974     Charles M. McElroy, P.E.

1973     Jerry W. Allen, P.E.

1972     David A. Hullender, P.E.

1971     John H. Cook, P.E.

1970     Ernest Hedgcoth, P.E.

1969     Ronald G. Denton, P. E.

1968     Emil E. Friberg P.E.

1967     A. W. (Bill) Veselka, P E.

1966     R.C. Alden, P.E.

1965     Richard L. Tucker, Ph.D., P.E.

1964     Paul R. Cunningham, P.E.

engineers of the year

2019     Angela K. Pereira, P.E.

2018     James P. Amick, P.E.

2017     Kelly Dillard, P.E.

2016     Steven E. Eubanks, P.E.

2015     King Cook, P.E.

2014     Michael J. Dellies, P.E.

2013     Alan Plummer, P.E.

2012     Timothy J. Welch, P.E

2011     Harold Leeman, P.E

2010     Michael Wellbaum, P.E.

2009     Joseph C. Schneider, P.E.

2008     Robert F. Pence, P.E.

2007     David Rubenkoenig, P.E.

2006     James A. Greer, P.E.

2005     Charles M. Jackson, P.E.

2004     Joe R. Thompson, P.E.

2003     Coy M. Veach, P.E.

2002     Robert H. (Bob) Price, P.E.

2001     Raul Pena III, P.E.

2000     Victor A. (Vic) Weir II, P.E.

1999     Michael M. (Mike) Shiflett, P.E.

1998     Gary J. Teague, P.E.

1997     Roxanne L. Pillar, P.E

1996     John P. Wier, P.E.

1995     Ned K. Burleson, P.E.

1994     Roger L. Yandell, P.E.

1993     Alfred W. (Al) Dirnberger, P.E.

1992     Emil E. Friberg, P.E.

1991     Robert A. Thompson, III, P.E.

1990     Roland S. Jary, P.E.

1989     E. Dale Scarth, P.E.

1988     James B. (Jim) Davies, Jr., P.E.

1987     J. R. Stone, P.E.

1986     Keith A. Smith, P.E.

1985     Floyd G. Henk, P.E.

1984     G. Scott Adams, P.E.

1983     James R. (Jim) Nichols, P.E.

1982     Olen W. Yandell, P.E.

1981     Glen Arnold, P.E.

1980     George H. Hedrick, P.E.

1979     Joe Paul Jones, P.E.

1978     Ernest L. Buckley, Ph.D., P.E.

1977     Paul P. Schwartz, P.E.

1976     Harrell Edwards (Eddie) Chiles, P.E.

1975     Charlie M. Moore, P.E.

1974     A. Blan Bell, P.E.

1973     Burl B. Hulsey, Jr., P.E.

1972     W. Ralph Hardy, P.E.

1971     John R. Burgess, P.E.

1970     Howard R. Drew, P.E.

1969     Robert H. (Bob) Widmer, P.E.

1968     Cyrus K. Rickel, P.E.

1967     Robert L. (Bob) Nichols, P.E.

1966     Wendell H. Nedderman, Ph.D., P.E.

1965     Birge D. Alexander, P.E.

1964     C. Milo Thelin, P.E.

1963     Frank G. Clayton, P.E.

1962     J. R. (Jack) Woolf, Ph.D., P.E.

1961     Art Gordon, P.E.

1960     Uel Stephens, P.E.

1959     Joe J. Rady, P.E.

1958     Preston M. Geren, P.E.

1957     Frank W. Davis, P.E.

1956     Waldemar H. Sindt, P.E.

1955     John Evans, P.E.

1954     Col. H. R. Hallock, P.E.

1953     W. O. Jones, P.E.

1952     J. B. Thomas, P.E.

1951     Marvin C. Nichols, P.E


The Fort Worth Chapter instituted the Richard Van Trump Award in 1971 as a means to recognize an exemplary member or members for service to the chapter during the previous year and to give honor to the late Richard Van Trump. The recipient is selected by the chapter’s past president to recognize those whom he finds most helpful and deserving in service to the chapter during the past president’s year in office.

Richard van trump awardees

2019     Caleb A. Milligan, P.E.

2018     Jacob T. Hays, P.E.

2017     Steven E. Eubanks, P.E.

2016     Scott Scherer, P.E.

2015     Ken Randall, P.E.

2014     Jonathan D. Russell, P.E.

2013     Josh Logan, P.E.

2012     Ben Pylant, P.E.

2011     Kelly Dillard, P.E.

2010     Kathleen Autumn Permenter, E.I.T.

2009     Travis N. Attanasio, P.E.

2008     David A. Burkett, P.E.& Josh Logan, P.E.

2007     Amy Irwin Ellis, E.I.T.

2006     Joshua W. Jackson, E.I.T.

2005     Michael Wellbaum, P.E.

2004     Mauricio Zuazua-Elizondo, P.E.

2003     Alfred W. (Al) Dirnberger, P.E.

2002     Joe C. Schneider, P.E

2001     Edward B. Worley, Jr., P.E

2000     Terry D. Mayo, P.E.

1999     Robert H. (Bob) Price, P.E.

1998     James A. (Jim) Greer, P.E.

1997     James B. (Jim) Davies, Jr., P.E.

1996     Kenneth E. (Ken) McDonald, P.E.

1995     Candace Reed Watkins, P.E.

1994     William L. (Bill) Stewart II, P.E.

1993     Lana P. Logan, E.I.T.

1992     George H. Hedrick, P.E.

1991     Julia W. Skare, P.E.

1990     W. John Barnett, P.E.

1989     Raul Pena III, P.E.

1988     Kenneth H. (Kenny) Carr, P.E.

1987     Roger Ford, P.E.

1986     Ernest Hedgcoth, P.E.

1985     C. Diane Palmer, P.E.

1984     J. L. (Jim) Pape, P.E.

1983     J. M. (Ted) Everage, P.E.

1982     Roland S. Jary, P.E.

1981     Ernest L. Buckley, Ph.D., P.E.

1980     John E. Levitt, P.E.

1979     Larry Frassinelli, P.E.

1978     Earl Bradley, P.E.

1977     Victor A. (Vic) Weir II, P.E.

1976     James R. (Jim) Dunaway, Jr., P.E.

1975     John G. Heit, P.E.

1974     Kenneth R. Thompson, P.E.

1973     C.P. Ferbrache, P.E.

1972     A. Blan Bell, P.E.

1971     Roger N. Parsons, P.E.