MATHCOUNTS Fort Worth 2015 Results

The 32nd annual regional MATHCOUNTS competition was held January 31, 2015 at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. The State competition will be held in Austin on March 27-28, 2015.

The five teams advancing to State are:
1.    Trinity Valley School
Head Coach: Satish Tiwari
Students: Sean Solomon, Shruti Sahu, Jay Trivedi, Harris To
2.    Hillwood Middle School
Head Coach: Brady Rayburn
Students: Andrew Lee, Stephanie Tran, Avi Khurana, Lainie Dickey
3.    Bethesda Christian School
Head Coach: Una Davis
Students: Ansun Sujoe, Benjamin Davis, Rachel Gruenbaum, Caleb Phelps
4.    Harmony School of Innovation – Carrollton
Head Coach: Fatih Kilinc
Students: Quan Le, Jared Talentino, Minh Le, Timothy Philip
5.    McLean Middle School
Head Coach: Ronald Boley
Students: Zach Marks, Thu Pham, Eileen Yu, Jack Boller

The four individual students advancing to State are:
1.    Serena Gandhi,  Trinity Valley School
2.    Raj Beweja,  Trinity Valley School
3.    Alex David,  Trinity Valley School
4.    Henry Castillo, Harmony School of Innovation – Carrollton

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who made this year's competition possible!